Painting LA

Had a wonderful time painting with my husband and Frank Serrano, who are both very talented artists. Frank was nice enough to show us some of his favorite spots in LA. We painted all day at three locations. It was tiring, but so invigorating at the same time.

Top painting: 'LA River'
Bottom painting: 'Dead End'


painting and a drawing

This is a sketch of Sophia, who posed at the Los Feliz workshop Wednesday.

And an interior I did at Larkin's house out in beautiful Malibu. A bunch of talented artists were there. Larkin, Steve, Ellen, Keewon, Jennifer, Mitch, and I were there. Unfortunately it rained, so most of us painted by a window. A few brave souls painted outside in the cold.


Recent and Not So Recent Work

There is a small tree study I did last weekend, after my first attempt ended in a wipe-out.

Also, the straight on ramp painting is Pass Ave. and 134 Highway.

The ramp painting with the cars going away is from Pasadena, the ramp by Orange Grove and Colorado St.

And an older painting from the summer. Around the corner from my apartment. When WB lets out for the day, and traffic stands still.

Is there a way to put captions underneath the pictures?


More work

Here is some more. Again, from the drawing group. And a study of the path along the LA River. It was a grey morning, but I tried to make the painting warmer, but still keep the feeling of cool, grey morning.

Recent Work

Here is some work. The drawings are from the Los Feliz drawing group. The traffic study is down Riverside Drive, near Disney and Buena Vista St. I wanted to study the colors, especially the color of the sun reflecting off the highway signs as they are silhouetted against the heavy lavender skyline. And then some quick still life studies. Plums because they are so sensual in an innocent way, and donuts because they are so sensual in a crass way.


first post

I made these cupcakes so I could paint them.